Is it real or is it....?

I love people who love art, and my recent client is certainly one who loves unique art! It all started with a special design to be painted on a precious end table. When I was invited to her home, I noticed all her wonderful unique art, especially her large free-standing horse sculpture on wheels made of wood and metal that she acquired while living in CA (behind the hand painted table). photo #1 Then on Halloween, her beautiful cat decided to jump on for a ride, tipping it, braking the sculpture in two. Not being able to repair, and wanting to immortalize her artwork in some way, she thought of her "Untapped Resource" and gave me a call.

With the cat supervising, we began to create a mural on the wall. photo #2 - #3. When finished we re-attached the saved metal pieces,  and the result was a real success!  photo #4  Subscribe to my website - and like my Untapped Resource Facebook page, for more inspiration monthly. 763-542-1116

Hand painted table with sculpture in the background

Before beginning

Mural in progress

FInished wall mural