Loved this "Lemons to Lemonade" Story

Stephany Eaton’s July Newsletter featured our collaboration with a commercial tile project. I repainted an inferior tile to, now only perfectly coordinate with the company’s bold brand, but create a more durable product. The project was award winning! Check out Stephany’s video, website and newsletter - PureAlchemy Design | 612.386.5154 |
— Sheryl VanderPol, Untapped Resource
SeaChange Custom Branded Tile. PureAlchemy Design. Plymouth MN.jpg

The SeaChange Employee Lounge

In every story worth telling there is some challenge encountered and successfully conquered. With that, it's fair to say that most complex design projects have their fair share of stories and this is one colorful example. 

The SeaChange Employee Lounge was intended to be an industrially durable space that would still emote the company's bold brand. To keep the flooring durable, yet interesting, the space design included the installation of tile "rugs". A beautiful wood grain embossed tile was selected and ordered from Italy to create the inset statment. 

Our challenge came when the installer began to pull the long-awaited tile from the shipping box noticed that the finish of the tile (commercial graded floor tile) scratched off easily...our story's LEMONS!  

Just how did we make Lemonade from this scenario? 

With the help of a cooperative vendor we were credited for the purchase of the tile and as return shipping costs were prohibitive, could kept the tile. Fortuitously we connected with Artisan Sheryl VanderPol who skillfully hand-fired the tile to our brand specifications with a beautiful and durable finish. Ultimately, the result was an even better match to the company's brand and the floor has a great story to share. 

Check out  Sheryl' VanderPol's website to see more of her work.