Free-flowing, Fresh and Feminine

This nursery is like a breath of fresh air!  Perfectly coordinated for the room, furniture, and bedding. Plus, we thought ahead for when she grows, moves into her big-girl bed, and made room for unique additions when she is ready to tell us what she loves.   IMG_2971

The nursery comes alive with this trendy - tree mural.   We plan for the perfect size, positioning, and color coordination.IMG_2836IMG_2792


Co-Creating at it's Best

I love working with creative thinkers!    As I always say-"Everyone is a true Artist...when you follow your passion."

For client Janet Deming, one who has always followed her passion through travel, dance, friends and family, this co-creation project was incredible. Having recently moved to this great A Mill Artist Loft, creating a unique backsplash was a challenging endeavor. She wanted to visually honor the places she loves spending time, her St. Anthony Main neighborhood, and her second love-New Orleans, so we took artistic license to illustrate a whimsical version of streets, buildings and scores of symbols and characters with special hidden meaning to Janet.  Even with the abundance of work in the detail, I loved the outcome.  The mono-chromatic coloring made the stainless appliances and cabinetry look wonderful. Janet speaks of her experience with this creative process..."Having worked with Sheryl before, I knew what was possible. So, even though I could not envision it, I explained my desires, and we began the process of co-creating.  The result was a fantastic piece of art, and one of my favorite conversation pieces among my other treasures."

ASID - Showcase Home 2016


This year's Showcase home highlighted the best of the best.

Mpls.St.Paul Magazine's 19th Showcase Home is the Anselmo residence in Edina MN.  Untapped Resource's contribution was a hand painted floor in the entrance of this "Classic with a Twist".


The design was drawn on the newly sanded and stained floor, and then a deeper stain was handpainted and the entire floor was sealed.


Custom floors are only one phase of Sheryl VanderPol's custom work.  Call us with your inspiring ideas...if you can dream it, we can do it! 763-542-1116


ASID Designers: Jennifer Austin-McGrath  Fine House Interiors + Design, LLC             Angela Parker - Interior Places and Spaces LLC                                                                 Builder: Bill Worms of BayCliff Homes.

Vintage Videos...

Blast from the Past…

Sharing clips from Vintage Videos in the next few weeks. This is an old "Passport to Design" Show featuring my artwork.

Thanks to Janet Deming - home owner, JoJo Liebler - the host of Passport to Design, and my Peruvian guides - Michel and Jorge Delgado, who introduced me to the beauty of Machu Picchu.  -Remembering the fun of this creative decade, (and a younger me:)

Can't find it -?- Create it!!

If you can Dream it ... We can do it!

New addition to the family + beautiful new baby + New look for the nursery! Our creative new mama wanted a special design in a special color that brings a special look to brighten this special room!

Elephant Family Canvas - for the nursery
Elephant Family Canvas - for the nursery

Thanks for letting me co-create with you!

Your Untapped Resource - for custom artwork!

Contact me - - 763-542-1116

We can discuss your vision, the specifics of the room (walls, canvas, furniture), and your special colors to coordinate with - walls, bedding, accessories, favorite books or characters. Check other posts and photos for inspiration.

Italian Inspired Bath

For inspiration, we started with photos taken of homeowner's experiences in Italy

We hand painted and fired the desired design on their choice of commercial tile, then installed between mosaic borders.

Custom hand-painted and kiln fired mural on commercial ceramic tile.

The vessel sink was painted and fired to model the back-lit onyx stone counter.  A perfect example of "Art imitating Nature"

 "Art immitates Nature" vessel sink

The room came together perfectly with custom cabinetry, vessel sink, and mural in shower.

Custom cabinetry, vessel sink, and mural in shower.

Kohler vessel sink, hand painted and fired to beautiful permanency.

Island oasis right here in MN-Nicollet Island that is!

A dozen years ago, my artwork was highlighted in the Travel Channel's show "Passport to Design" featuring a facelift of this historic home on Nicollet Island.  The home is now up for sale, and the owner says the hardest thing to leave is the custom artwork throughout.  So , I decided to  reminisce and share the wonderful elements created for this world traveler: A mural of Machu Picchu and the rainforest, complete with tiles depicting the Inca trail.

Open closet with Trompe'Loeil painting of Peruvian poncho and hat.

Kitchen Mural of Egyptian Lotus

Coordinating mural of Egyptian Papyrus

Egyptian symbols take you up the stairway....

Peruvian Symbols will take you back down... After 12 years (photos taken yesterday) they still look timeless!

Check out this historical treasure today!-David & Reed Aronow David's cell: (651) 983-6169 Reed's cell: (651) 497-5958